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SHIP 2015

Le 15 septembre 2015

L’Agence Internationale de l’Energie (AIE) organise le SHIP 2015 (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) le 15 septembre 2015 à Montpellier.
L’évènement fera intervenir des experts internationaux et des acteurs industriels en pointe dans le domaine de l’utilisation de la chaleur solaire dans les procédés industriels. Ils partageront notamment les conclusions de leurs travaux menés dans le cadre du programme Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) de l’Agence Internationale de l’Energie (AIE), présenteront les retours d’expérience de projets en exploitation et donneront les clés de la réussite de tels projets.

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SHIP 2015- Programme: 

08h30 – Welcome and registrations

09h00 – Introduction from the organizers

09h15 – The solar process heat potential

Solar process heat potential, the IEA scenarios, by Cédric Philibert, IEA (International Energy Agency)

Countries with highest potential for solar process heat. The cases of France and Morocco, by Dr Ruud Kempener, IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)

10h00 – Available commercial technologies: overview and characteristics

By Pedro Horta, Fraunhofer ISE (Germany)

10h30 – Networking coffee break 

11h00 – Available business models and fundings to implement solar process heat projects

Solar process heat with no investment, no risks: a solution designed for industries,by Kevin Mozas, Sunti (France)

Fonds Chaleur, the French incentive scheme for solar heat, by Nadine BerthomieuADEME (France)

11h45 – Return on experience from commercial operating projects (part 1)

Solar process heat for the mashing process of a brewery in Austria and the electro-winning process of a copper mine in Chile, by Christian Stadler, Arcon-Sunmark (Denmark)

Solar process heat for the pasteurization of a soda producer in the US and the ham cooking of a meat producer in Austria, by Moritz Schubert, SOLID (Austria)

Solar process steam supply to a pharmaceutical company in Jordan, by Christian Zahler, Industrial Solar (Germany)

13h00 – Networking lunch

14h15 – Testimonies from the process industry

Three solar process heat projects in video, with the courtesy of VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency (Germany)

14h30 – Return on experience from commercial operating projects (part 2)

Solar process heat for a dyeing factory in China, by Joseph HuangInternational Copper Association (China).

Concentrating solar process heat for three dairy plants in Switzerland: update on operation experience, yield and economics after 3 years of operation, by Stefan Minder,NEP Solar AG (Switzerland)

Driving double effect absorption chillers with stationary high-vacuum flat plates in Saudi Arabia, by Marco Scarpellino, TVP Solar (Italy)

15h45 – Networking coffee break 

16h00 – How to integrate solar heat into existing processes

Integration points possibilities within industrial processes, by Bastian Schmitt,IdE (Germany)

Method to select the best integration into a specific process, by Bettina Muster, AEE INTEC (Austria)

Solar assisted industrial steam networks: two different integration cases in the building and meat industry, by Ilyes Ben Hassine, ZAFH (Germany)

17h00 – Conclusions and perspectives

17h30 – End